Keeping an eye on the Square Cactus window

When we first moved into the Square Cactus office, we had the challenge of a shop window, which was a first for us.

Rather than something static and “corporate” we wanted the window to be fun and engaging. So over the last two years we’ve had everything from singing pumpkins to smoking cauldrons and giant rolling ball machines to a Christmas tree made from teddy bears.

To celebrate Blackburn’s win in the Great British High Street awards, we decided to join in the town’s celebratory theme of red, white and blue. Hundreds of fluffy pom-poms were threaded onto threads to create a gently swaying union flag. It took over 10 hours of work from the team over a 4 week period and contains 1034 individual pom-poms. You may even have spotted the window on the news when BBC NW Tonight visited Blackburn as part of the Great British High Street Party.

We receive lots of compliments about our window displays and always appreciate it when people contact us to say they love seeing what we have created. Our only problem now is….”What’s next?”


Picture of Ian Holmes
Ian Holmes
Ian Holmes is the founder of Square Cactus and is passionate about his hometown, Blackburn.

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