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People trust Square Cactus for Blackburn Social Media services. Social Media is now a key way to gain new customers and maintain loyalty with your existing customer base.

We are trusted by companies nationwide and pride ourselves in getting to know you business so that we “talk your language”. Our digital doctor audit will help you to establish where your digital strategy needs improving and help to identify the most effective social media channels for your business.

Understanding the demographics of each social media channel is key to then establishing the most effective combination of accounts will work for your company.

We can manage a whole range of social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, Google My Business, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and many more.

Social Media is a 24/7 operation and many companies find that they cannot devote the time to managing their social media channels effectively whilst also running their business. It is essential to understand that many customers expect you to be available 7 days a week on social media to answer their questions. In fact, many social media channels are more active outside regular business hours and so these are the times you should be engaging with your customers.

Would you ignore an email to your business? Would you ignore a ringing telephone? Would you ignore a customer in your business? So why would you ignore social media for your business.

We can keep your social media channels active 7 days a week and with our team of dedicated social media managers we can ensure every question is answered quickly and professionally.

Increasing Following

Utilising sophisticated software we can also increase your following on social media channels. Remember though it is not all about numbers. It is about the quality of followers. We use tried and tested methods to ensure we target your potential customers and bring you new leads and sales.

To find out more about how we can help you, please contact us.

Square Cactus for Blackburn Social Media Services


Picture of Ian Holmes
Ian Holmes
Ian Holmes is the founder of Square Cactus and is passionate about his hometown, Blackburn.

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