Volunteers in the right place at the right time

Struggling to manage Volunteers for your events? Our bespoke solution for managing Volunteer Attendance at events is now available to purchase.

We create a system that works around you. It allows you to create events, specify the number of volunteers you require, and then let you accept offers.

Each Volunteer has their own login. You can message all Volunteers from the system. You can store additional information about Volunteers. Different levels of access for users of the system. Automated reminder emails before events. Automatic syncing with existing events calendars, so no need to enter details twice.

If this sounds like just what you are looking for, get in touch today. hello@squarecactus.co.uk

The full package is available for £2,000 plus VAT or also available on a monthly fee basis at £200 per month.


Ian Holmes
Ian Holmes
Ian Holmes is the founder of Square Cactus and is passionate about his hometown, Blackburn.

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